What is IronClad?

An online website analysis tool

Audits weaknesses (not only vulnerabilities) automatically.

Based on a subscription model, makes easier frequent audits and evolutive monitoring.

Not intrusive, therefore the scan is totally legal and you don’t need special permissions.

Results are presented in a very easy to understand format for:

→ The Entrepreneur or manager in charge.

→ The webmaster.

→ The digital security responsible.

What does IronClad do?

A very deep report highlights the website defects, leaks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This report contains four main modules:


The public website information is analysed, allowing an easy cleaning of old files or delete superfluous or useless information. We will find domains with similar names, emails published and other data.


Vulnerabilities due to programming mistakes, configurations, protocols, open ports and others are shown here.


We will display sensitive code chunks to verify whether it’s genuine or has been modified by others (this part is executed on our homepage / main page). Reputational problems are also detected here.


The tool will show potential leaks on the deep web, pastebin, Wikileaks or P2P networks.

Reasons that make IronClad unique

Allows automatic audits on demand.

You can see historical information.

Not intrusive.

Managers increase their security awareness.

It provides technical staff with the needed information to fix defects and problems.

More than 20 information submodules will allow you to have a clean, light and secure website.

An excellent tool for preventing attacks.